Just a quick post here, offered out of curiosity as to whether or not I’m the only one having a completely whacked-out week. No big, heavy thoughts on “rigorous and skillful meditation,” no existential angst… just a check-in to see if there’s more to this than my limited gaze can take in….

Among other things that I’ve probably forgotten, I can report that the computer at my day job went down for three days, just when we’re supposed to be shifting to an entirely new system that, for one reason after another, has been slow in coming up to speed. My favorite tea house closed its doors forever, and now that I’ve finally found a seat at an Internet cafe (not always easy in Boulder, where no one seems to work, and are thus available to pack cafes morning ’til night)… where the electricity suddenly went out, so my laptop is on battery power and I’m using a weak WiFi signal from up the street. Apparently this side of the block has gone black.

I just had a friend tell me how yesterday’s Full Moon opposing Sun/Uranus has introduced a level of electrical chaos for everyone… who knows? He said his computer has been freaking out all week, with software crashing one moment, working fine the next. I’m hearing about computer crashes from a lot of my friends — oops! Am I the common denominator? Is it Michael’s fault?


Impermanence, right? Nothing stays the same forever, change is the only constant. Roll with it. Adapt. Observe, receive, release.

A snapshot of the Times, perhaps.

In any case, I get a sense of adventurous excitement from all this uncertainty, knowing that the Sun will come up tomorrow, bringing change that I need.

How about you?


9 responses to “Impermanence

  1. Horse latitudes; moving thru a few dead zones subtly detected as an odd lack of telepathy within the mandala (band practice last night) while a few of the less together folk on the edges of our circle have been actively freaking out about petty shit this week, one rather violently. Got a note from a friend who left this sangha in disgrace; first time he’s written in eight years and he’s obviously learned nothing. Another old friend growled at me in a way that gave him some insight into his recent heart attack. Oh yeah, and the prison sent back the zafu we promised an inmate for the second time with no explanation. So it goes, eh?

  2. My weeks has been “strung tight” as well. I think I need to do some transference and blame someone. Its either you Michael or the Hare Krishnas (they havent been blamed for anything in a long time so its due, hehehe). Dear gawd! Not my computer, take my ex (please) but not the computer!

    Peace, Geo

  3. My theory is that Craig is secretly behind all this chaos. Some sort of Vajrayana Naga Dance, invoking devas and other seemingly invisible behind-the-veil beings. I thus transfer my angst onto this theory.

  4. Hell, you’re probably right. Besides, I’m used to it; so let it rain…

  5. Oh, no… he’s adding a Rain Dance to the mix! Duck!

  6. Impermanence and uncertainty….the tides bring their daily surprise and we are left to wonder as our footprints on teh sand are washed away in that moment. Fun! (errr.maybe)

  7. Hello friends, I would say blaming any person or institution for your problems at this time just gives them far too much credit for our problems. As they say in Mexico, “Caca, passa.” Or, as Monte Python is inclined to say, “I hope there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, because it is bugger-all here.”

    Adalante siempre adalante


  8. Hello Jeffrey, and welcome back to the Internet — glad to know that you’ve been able to piece together a working laptop.

    We’re just messin’ around here — but I guess you know that.


  9. Hello friends,

    Well, what I think is that some planets have some strange effect upon us. I have felt the electricity flowing upon my body since years back, and it helps me a lot to reach the ecstatic states. But this week was also so strange to me, it reminded me what Elizabeth Kubler always said, ” nothing is coincidence”.
    The most strange thing that happened to me this week in my meditation was that I felt the “Void” in my torso, (just there) it was a very strange sensation, like if gone to another dimension, but I was very aware of my legs, arms and head, but my torso was gone, like in a void, like if a ball of energy would sucked it into nowhere, cause I felt it like a kind of a ball, or round “void”, very strange, it lasted minutes, but am curious to know what it was, if my torso went alone to OObe, without my head and arms, or if it was just a sensation. Never has happened before.
    I don’t know if it was an Oobe, but in parts ? that’s impossible ! I was not afraid, even the sensation was pleasurable, but am curious about it, besides I wouldn’t like to feel my head travelling alone without my body, or the opposite, my body without my head, hahaha


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